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Aid Mechanism

The entity had placed its refined mechanism to extend financial assistance to the needy under its defined criteria. The intended beneficiary should approach and process the request for aid as follows:

  • Make a written request to the Trust in appropriate form along with other relevant
  • The committee formed by the Trust will scrutinize and validate the requirement.
  • The committee will recommend the quantum of financial assistance to be provided.
  • The Board of Trustees will make the financial allocation based on the availability of funds.
  • The sanctioned amount will be NEFT to the beneficiary A/C either in a single installment or as deemed required.
  • The trust team will check and confirm the appropriate utilization of the funds
  • The beneficiary shall submit the originals/copy of the receipts for audit purposes

To ensure the process is not prolonged and the funds are available to the beneficiary to meet his pressing needs, the TAT for completion of the process will be in the range of 5-7 working days.