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Welfare Development Program

The trust shall be involved in a range of welfare programs for the benefit of needy commoners.

In the contemporary world, natural and human-induced disasters are increasing in numbers and frequency due to various factors. It impacts the people from the downtrodden and unprivileged sections of society the most. In such untoward happenings, extending a hand of support shall be giving the affected a hope of reviving their life. The trust shall be extending relief assistance to the affected people through distributing food and engaging the medical team to provide first aid and treatment.

The trust shall provide relief and rehabilitation to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDS) through financial assistance, free ration, and shelter.

We believe that the future lies with the younger generation. Facilitating access to education is the need of the hour. Thus the trust extends scholarship facilities to the needy and deserving school and college students.

The increased penetration of private players in health care and the shrinking of public health utilities had turned medical treatments unreachable for the weaker sections of society. Although proactive state governments are introducing many schemes to extend affordable health care to this section, it is inadequate. As a solution to this issue, the trust shall be providing medical assistance to the needy on a case-to-case basis.